tardis toilets, bad news & remembering to be happy

So today I learned that there is a Tardis toilet now on the cycle path from Bristol to Bath, and from Monday onwards for a short while, I'm going to be in Bristol to work some shifts. So of course, I'm now determined to go visit it at some point, and I'm not even a big fan of Dr. Who. Although I did watch the episode with the creepy statue things when it came out.

Just pasting this image in made me jump a little.
Of course I won't actually use the toilet. Public toilets are disgusting and vile. Just to get through using the port-a-loos at a festival this summer I had to ensure I was, at the very least, mildly drunk at all times.

  But port-a-loos and terrifying statues aside, the reason I wanted to bring it up is because it brought a smile to my face, and there's not a lot of news that does that - and I'm sure I don't even have to mention any stories for you to know what I'm talking about.

 Don't get me wrong - the bad news is important. I think we could all do with being a bit more aware of what is going on in our world. The thing is though, it seems to be all we ever hear. You turn the TV on in the morning and before you've taken your first sip of coffee you've heard that somebody has been murdered. On your way to work, the radio informs you about of all the tax money you've paid that's being wasted one way or another. There are adverts everywhere telling you that banks owe you PPI (they don't), that you should take out our pay-day loan (you shouldn't) and to sign up for life insurance because WHAT WILL YOUR KIDS DO IF YOU DIE IN THE NEXT HALF HOUR SERIOUSLY PHONE US PHONE US RIGHT NOW...(okay maybe that's a little OTT, and life insurance obviously isn't a bad idea, but you get what I mean).

 So I've decided that every day, I'm going to look for a piece of news that makes me smile. I may or may not post it here, depending on if I think it'll be of interest or not (to anyone who bothers reading this, of course!) but I'm going to do it. I'm also thinking of buying some self-help books - I know they can be seen as fluffy and useless but the other day I was watching ITV in the morning and they interviewed a woman named Marianne Power who spent a  year of her life following 12 self-help books - one book for every month. She seemed so much happier for it too, and it's inspired me. The one they mentioned that I liked the idea of the most was F**k It by John C Parkin. If I do read it, I'll probably review it here at some point.

Go forth and f**k it - spiritually!
 The last thing I'm going to do is try the 100 Happy Days challenge. Even if I can't find a news story each day that makes me smile, I'd like to find something each day that'll make me happy. You do the challenge on social media, so soon my Instagram feed will likely be flooded with pictures of toe socks, my dog and vegan cakes. And hopefully a selfie in the Tardis toilet.


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